Crush It At Work & School Summit

Free Online Event August 18-20, 2023
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As much as I hate to acknowledge that summer will be coming to an end, soon, it’ll be “back to it”  time. Whether that means it’s back-to-school or back to more regular work hours for you and yours, it’s a great time for a clean slate and a fresh start to push toward your true full potential!

And I have a great way to make this fresh start different from past years’ attempts at meaningful change! 

That is what the free Crush It at Work and School Summit is all about, and it kicks off on August 18 for three days. (Learn more and register now at=>

It’s hosted by my colleague, Alan P. Brown, ADHD/productivity coach and creator of the award-winning ADD Crusher™ program, and it brings together 15 ADHD/EF experts (including moi) to help ADHD adults, students and their parents with proven, practical solutions to get you back into action with:

  • More focus on the priorities that’ll make a real difference this fall…
  • Improved mental performance and productivity – with or without meds, and
  • Healthier work/life balance so you can feel less overwhelmed and more in flow.

Alan really has pulled together a specialized “SWAT Team” of back-to-work and back-to-school experts (see the lineup below) whose brains he’ll be picking for simple, evidence-based insights and action items to get you back into work/school mode with calm and confidence.

This summit is online, free, open to everyone and runs three days (August 18-20) with each day’s sessions recorded so you can watch them any time for up to 24 hours.

Friday, August 18

  • From (Flip) Flop to Follow Through! Create Freedom & Fulfillment by Mastering the Art of Completion with me, Lynne Edris
  • Get It Together! How to Get Organized and Stay that Way with Linda Roggli

  • School Success for “Complex” Kids — How to Keep the Peace! with Elaine Taylor-Klaus

  • Executive Function Insights with Seth Perler

  • ADHD Insights: The Commotion of Emotion with Jeff Copper

Saturday, August 19

  • That Doesn’t Work for Me! Creative Solutions to Get Back on Track After the Summer Chaos with Patricia Sung

  • The Real A-B-C’s of Prioritizing with Bonnie Mincu

  • Crush It by Concentrating on Creation vs Consumption with Brendan Mahan

  • Supercharge Your Productivity with Coworking Sessions with Tara McGillicuddy

  • Your Ticket to a Tranquil Transition with Dana Rayburn

Sunday, August 20

  • Manufacture Motivation with Micro-Changes with Casey Dixon

  • Time Optimization Playbook: Three Big Shifts for Better Work-Life Integration with ADHD with Robin Nordmeyer

  • Fall Forward: Embracing the Shift and Transitions with ADHD with IngerShaye Colzie

  • Unlocking Your Brain: Rewiring the ADHD Brain To Improve Anxiety, Focus and More with Bob Dietrich

  • Transitions: I Didn’t See That Coming! Derailed Again! with Rudy Rodriguez

Be sure to Reserve your seat TODAY for this free virtual summit, and mark your calendar accordingly! It will be here before you know it…

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